Originally Published: 2020-07-31
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I wanted to pair my 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Bluetooth controller wirelessly with my MiSTer FPGA setup, but the cheap CSR8510-based Bluetooth USB adapter I was trying to pair it with had zero success and nothing would show in MiSTer’s Bluetooth pairing dialog. I’ve paired the controller with generic Bluetooth to a Raspberry Pi before with no issues.

As it turns out, if you use the “official” 8Bitdo Bluetooth adapter with MiSTer, this works easily. Just press the physical “pair” button on the adapter and put the controller in pair mode and it should pair almost instantly (I used X-input mode, just hold X & start to turn on the controller then press the controller’s “pair” button until the LEDs sweep, the controller will give a slight vibration when it pairs). You don’t even need to go into MiSTer’s Bluetooth pairing dialog for this, and in fact, the controller still didn’t show up there even when it was paired and working. You may need to go through button mapping; I have these MiSTer Input Maps added to my SD card but it seemed like I still needed to do mapping manually.