Originally Published: 2016-04-21

I wanted to be able to rip/encode my DVD collection for my Plex server running on FreeNAS 9.3.1 This was a little less than straightforward, so here’s a quick guide to what I needed to do to get it working:

Now you should be able to run HandBrakeCLI without error. By default, my DVD drive was at /dev/cd0 and mapped within the jail.

I use the following for movies, and this script (requires bash) to loop through all titles on a TV DVD:

HandBrakeCLI --main-feature -i /dev/cd0 -o movie.mkv -e x265 -q 23 --encoder-preset slow -E av_aac --custom-anamorphic --keep-display-aspect -O -Neng -s1 --decomb


  1. The same instructions should work for FreeNAS 9.10, but because I’d have to destroy/recreate all my jails to use the 9.10 jail templates, I haven’t tested this yet.