tags: photogrammetry
Originally Published: 2015-01-23

As the Wikipedia Comparison of photogrammetry software article is somewhat overwhelming, I thought it would be useful to have an up-to-date and curated list of free or inexpensive1 photogrammetry solutions readily available for easy comparison:

  Platform   Price Open Source Creator
VisualSFM OS X, Linux, Windows   Free No Changchang Wu
ReCap 360 Web   Free, $55/yr premium No Autodesk
123D Catch iOS, Android, Windows   Free, $9.99/mo premium No Autodesk
PhotoScan Standard 2 OS X, Linux, Windows   $179, $59 educational No Agisoft
OpenDroneMap Linux   Free Yes OpenDroneMap
Python Photogrammetry Toolbox 3 Linux, Windows   Free Yes Arc-Team


  1. Here I take “inexpensive” to mean <$200/yr. I also am uninterested in Windows-only solutions. 

  2. See http://www.agisoft.com/features/compare/ to check features against the considerably more expensive “Professional” version ($3499, $549 educational). 

  3. The “Python Photogrammetry Toolbox” seems to be a term used somewhat interchangeably for various things: osm-bundler (a Python processing pipeline around Bundler/PMVS/CMVS), a Python GUI for this pipeline, and the ArcheOS Linux distribution which aggregates all these together.